Lucky blooms for friends and loved ones

Fresh flowers can send a number of different messages. It all depends on the types of blooms that you choose as well as their colours. If you are looking for lucky blooms, you have a few fabulous options. These are perfect for wishing somebody good luck with their upcoming tests or exams or even with their new job and any other challenges they are facing.

Four-leaf clover

The four-leaf clover isn’t technically a flower but it could not be left of this list of lucky blooms simply because it is one of the most well-know symbols of luck. Even if you cannot find a fresh four-leaf clover, you can always add a decorative pick to your fresh flower arrangement. No matter the flowers you choose to decorate with this pick, you can be sure that you will have a beautiful bouquet of lucky blooms.


Delphiniums, or larkspur, are named after Delphi. This was a sacred temple which was dedicated to the sun god, Apollo. Because the flower was favoured by this powerful god, it is considered to be one of the top lucky blooms. In some countries, the root of this plant is used to make love potions.

White Heather

As far as lucky blooms are concerned, White Heather has been known has lucky since the 1800s and it was believed to grow over the graves of fairies. Years ago, soldiers wore these blooms as a kind of protection since it was said that they would not grow where blood had been shed.

Bells of Ireland

If you are looking for lucky blooms that are green in colour, you should consider Bells of Ireland. These blooms were actually native to Indonesia and they are so named because of their bell-shaped leaves. These blooms are popular for wedding flowers as well as St Patrick’s Day arrangements.

Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo might not sound like it should be classified as one of the lucky blooms on this list but it is a lucky plant. It is easy to grow and it is very satisfying for the grower too. It can also be used as part of oriental-themed arrangements that include blooms like orchids and cherry blossoms.

All around the world, different cultures have their own favourite lucky blooms. In Mexico and India, basil is considered to be bad luck. It’s amazing how these countries are so far apart yet they have such a similar tradition. Keep these traditions in mind when selecting a lucky bouquet for your friend or loved one.