Spoil your grandmother on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is usually a day on which we honour and show appreciation for our mothers. Of course, we wouldn’t have a mother to honour if it wasn’t for our grandmothers! Grandmothers are important too and, the older they get, the less certain we become about how much time we have left with them. Which is why it is so important to show your love and spend time with them while you can.


Fresh flowers are very popular for Mother’s Day and they are excellent for grandmothers too. Once we reach a certain age, we no longer feel the need for quite as many material things. Flowers are excellent for boosting their mood and they will last for weeks after Mother’s Day. If your grandmother is living in a care facility, these flowers can really make an amazing difference when it comes to their environment.

Gift hampers

Mother’s Day gift hampers are also extremely popular and practical. Your grandmother might be on a specific diet or she might not be able to consume certain foods and beverages. Keep this in mind when selecting a hamper for her. Depending on her dietary restrictions, you can take your pick from sweet hampers, food hampers, fruit hampers, pamper hampers and more.

Your time

The one thing that your grandmother wants and needs more than anything else is love and your time. Simply spending time with her is the most valuable gift you can give. If she is frail, you could visit her and spend some time talking, have a cup of tea together and perhaps play some cards or enjoy a relaxing activity together. If need be, you could help her by tidying up her room, doing her hair and pampering her so that she feels relaxed and refreshed. If you are able to take her out for the day, you could treat her to a delicious lunch, perhaps she could spend the day with you and your family or you could possibly have her spend a night with everyone. The elderly appreciate family and youth more than anyone else. This is what makes quality time so important. Remember, when you are spending quality time with your grandmother, you should do everything in your power to remove and ignore digital distractions.

Try to get as many family members together to make your grandmother happy this Mother’s Day. Share all those happy memories, laugh, and don’t be afraid to shed a tear on this special day.