Interesting flower colour combinations

When choosing the colour scheme and décor for your wedding, it’s good to remember that you are not limited to the conventional shades and colour combinations out there. As you browse around, you will notice that there are plenty more wonderful and refreshing combos that will set your wedding apart from the rest.

A lemon and lime colour scheme is fun and bright which is what every newly married couple wants for their marriage. Choose bright yellow (lemon yellow) flowers and lime green foliage to create your flower arrangements. You can add some white flowers as fillers too if you like. It will break up the intensity of the colours. In addition, you can also add actual lemons and limes to your table décor. This will help reinforce the colour scheme.

Another fun colour scheme is that of primary colours – red, yellow, and blue. For this, you will obviously need flowers in these three colours. Keep your flower arrangements as simple as possible and do the same for your table décor. In this case you might want to skip the foliage since it will add green and you want to stick to those three colours. Since flowers are not readily available in blue, you can ask your florist about altering the colour of white flowers for this purpose. There are a number of ways of doing this which is why it’s best to ask your florist about their methods.

Strawberry and lime will also impress your guests. You can use any strawberry red flowers and lime green flowers or foliage to make up your flower displays. In this case, you need not go easy on the greenery. If you use green flowers like chrysanthemums, you can even use more of these than your red flowers! They will in no way take over the arrangement. Instead, they will help create the appearance of a strawberry bush! Place red flowers here and there to represent fresh strawberries.

Gray and lemon is also a wonderful and elegant combination that will make your wedding truly unique. While you won’t find gray flowers, you can find yellow ones and you can ask your florist to add gray accessories like a string of beads. You can also make sure that your bridesmaids are wearing gray dresses and decorate your tables with gray tablecloths.