Send potted plants for Mother’s Day

Flowers are the most popular Mother’s Day gift in many countries around the world. That said, placing an order with your local florist for a traditional fresh flower delivery might sound a bit too cliché for some. If this is the case, how about a potted plant instead? Potted plants are great because they bloom time and time again so mum can enjoy them for far longer than she would a regular cut flower arrangement.

As the potted plant begins to bloom, mum will be able to enjoy their floral show. When you purchase a potted plant for Mother’s Day, you should make sure that it is in bloom and, if possible, the flowers should be as close to bud form as possible.

Whenever shopping for a potted plant as a gift, you should be sure to take your time. Think about several important factors before making your final choice. The first of which being making a decision between annuals and perennials. Now, if you don’t know the difference, annuals bloom just once whereas perennials bloom each season for a number of years. Many potted plants look fantastic even when they’re not in bloom but, if you want mum to enjoy fresh flowers each year, then perennials are the ones to choose. You can search for annual and perennial flowers online if you like or you can ask your local florist or nursery for advice if need be.

You also need to consider the lifestyle of the intended recipient. If mum is always on the go and enjoys taking extended holidays and long weekends away, then you need to choose a potted plant that doesn’t need to be watered too often. If you know that mum doesn’t have the time to monitor her potted plants on a daily basis, then you don’t want to burden her with an additional task. So, choose something low maintenance.

You will also have to think about just how much experience mum has in terms of plant care. Does she have a collection of potted plants that are thriving in her home or does she struggle. If mum is particularly inexperienced when it comes to potted plants, you should look for the most resistant one you ca find. A hardy potted plant won’t need precise or delicate care in order to produce fabulous flowers.

When you send a potted plant, you should also do the recipient a favour by including some easy to follow care instructions. Different plants need different amounts of water, different types of sunlight and so on. If mum knows how to care for the potted plant, it will last much longer than if it is subjected to less favourable conditions.