Edible floral décor for your kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most versatile rooms in your home. It’s most obvious purpose is food and beverage preparation of course. It’s also a room where you spend a fair amount of time entertaining and socialising with your guests. Decorating your kitchen with flowers will make it that much more welcoming. Decorating it with edible flowers and plants that come in handy during cooking is even better! Here are some edible options to add to your kitchen décor.

Thai basil is one lovely option and it’s quite different to the regular basil you may already know and love. The Thai variety has more of a spicy flavour with a hint of licorice. The dark purple flowers are different from the white ones on regular basil. You can use this delicious herb in various Thai recipes and by picking the flowers regularly, you will encourage more to grow.

Lavender is another popular and well-known scent and flower. This plant is commonly used in aromatherapy, cooking, and as part of cut flower arrangements. They bloom in the middle of summer and their blueish-purple petals are unmistakable. They can be displayed all on their own or you can accompany them with some roses and other non-toxic flowers if you like.

Rosemary is another popular ingredient in various recipes. This herb has one of the most incredible scents of all and it’s particularly lovely when added to chicken dishes. They are also beautiful plants and quite easy to grow too.

Mint has a way of freshening the air and it can be used in several savoury and sweet recipes. Mint leaves are used to make tea and they can also serve as the perfect garnish! The key is to always display safe flowers and plants in your kitchen. Make sure that none of the parts of the plant are in any way toxic since you are displaying them in your main food prep area. You wouldn’t want any harmful substances to end up in your food of course.