Creative spring centrepiece ideas

After enduring the cold winter, it’s time to spruce things up with a bit of spring colour. Spring centrepieces can really brighten up your home and they can be designed to suit various parts of different rooms. For smaller areas, you can use smaller bouquets and save the larger, more dramatic ones for larger spaces that you wish to fill.


One great way of decorating a side table or even your kitchen or dining room tables, is by placing some spring flowers in a watering can. Think of combining some purple, yellow, and even small white flowers and placing them in a metallic watering can.


If you want something particularly elegant, you can use an elevated vase with a combination of dark and light short-stemmed flowers carefully arranged inside. Think of combining opposites like a orange-peach coloured ranunculus and dark purple muscari latifolium. Not only do the colours form a wonderful contrast, but the textures are also different which gives this arrangement a diverse appearance.


Springtime is associated with new life and nature waking up from a long slumber. It’s not just about the plants but also the birds. Embrace this theme of new life by placing a soaked piece of floral foam on a plastic tray and surround it with twigs and dried vines in the shape of a nest. Inside this nest, you should then place some tulips and daffodils in the foam and enjoy!


Baskets are also wonderful for displaying spring flowers and potted plants. After putting your arrangement together, you can add some colourful accessories to the basket itself. Decorating the handle or handles in colours that compliment the colours of the bouquet. Add a ribbon, perhaps some decorative butterflies, or whatever you like.


Peonies are in season which is all the more reason to enjoy these bold and fragrant beauties. They are available in a variety of colours so you can literally choose a different colour to suit each room.


If you want to decorate a buffet table or any food table, you can use some cake stands and small goblet-style cups. Just make sure that the cake stands and the cups match. One cake stand should be smaller than the other. Place the larger one at the bottom with the smaller one on top. Then add a few of the cups to each layer. Each of these cups should be filled with spring flowers of your choice! They are small cups so you will need to trim the stems accordingly.