How to make a Halloween centrepiece

Halloween décor has come a long way since ghosts and witches. Today, spooky décor is not only about the accessories but also the attention to detail in terms of colour and texture. If you are hosting a Halloween party this year but you want your décor to have more of a mature twist, here are some ideas.

Add candy

Your Halloween centrepiece should include a certain selection of colours when it comes to flowers and foliage. Orange is a popular colour and black accents are also often added. However, there is no hard and fast rule against purple and lime green flowers. Provided, of course, that you use the right vase. To complement these blooms, make sure that you choose a clear glass vase and fill it with orange, green, purple and black (or very dark brown) Smarties, M&M’s or similar candies. If you want to keep your sweets safe for consumption, you should insert another vase in the middle. Use the interior vase for the flowers and use the space between for your fillers. Otherwise, you will not be able to add water to your vase since it will ruin the candy.

Pumpkin vases

A pumpkin vase can be used for the entire autumn season. It is not limited to Halloween which is great since Halloween is only one day. So, all you need to do is find a pretty pumpkin vase (or you can use a real one) and use water to fill it or add floral foam if you prefer. The best flowers to add are those that will contrast with the orange. If you add a base of dark green foliage, then you can use orange blooms. You just don’t want them to blend in with the vase itself. Feel free to add a few white blooms here and there if you want to brighten up your Halloween centrepiece. Alternatively, you can add dark purple or even black accents. If you add a flower pick with a bat or a witch, this can be used for Halloween and removed afterwards if you like.

Spooky tablescape

A tablescape is not just a single arrangement. This type of Halloween centrepiece can include a variety of blooms, foliage and accessories. Use clear hot glue to create spider webs and add spiders to it. Use one main arrangement in the middle of the table with smaller ones on either side and scatter spooky accessories on the table for your guests to admire and play with. You can even add candy to the tablescape if you like. Lighting plays a very big role in these displays so make sure that you add some LED candles or something similar so that your display has a truly spooky feel.

These are just a few fabulous Halloween centrepiece ideas that you can use to impress your family and guests this year. Remember, you can use fresh flowers or artificial ones. If you use silk flowers, you can enjoy them year after year. Just remember to store them properly and try to create new and exciting displays every year to keep your guests guessing!