Send Flowers Just Because

Have you ever answered your phone only to hear the sad news that somebody you love has passed away?  Have you ever had a friend or loved one move to another town, city or country and you no longer see them as often as you used to?  Life is short and, if not for any other reason, this should be enough to convince everyone to appreciate every day we have as a gift and send flowers and gifts to friends and family just because.  Your florist might be a bit surprised but none more surprised than the lucky recipient!

When you are on the hunt for the perfect random bouquet of flowers, there are a few things you should remember.  Firstly, the flowers you choose should be suitable for the recipient.  It simply wouldn’t be a good idea to buy mum a bouquet of red roses!  Red roses, on the other hand, would be a better spontaneous gift for your partner or spouse.  Your best friend would be best treated to a bouquet of yellow roses or a colourful mixed bouquet depending on his or her preference.  Also, take into account if the intended recipient has any problems with allergies.  Pollen can cause serious discomfort for those with allergies.  Choose flowers with small amounts of pollen or ask your florist to remove the pollen if possible.  Flowers like stargazer lilies actually last longer as cut flowers once the pollen has been removed.  Plus, pollen makes a terrible mess and can stain clothing.  If the intended recipient has light or delicate table cloths, this is yet another reason to have the pollen removed.

Luxury Flowers

Even though you are buying flowers for no specific reason, it is always important to look for the best price and value for money.  So, do yourself a favour and shop around at both local and online florists.  You will notice that many local florists will be able to make up a bouquet for you on the spot which you can deliver immediately.  Alternatively, online florists have a large selection of same day flowers and next day flowers.  If the intended recipient has moved to another country, this is where you can’t go wrong with an online florist!  An international flower delivery will certainly put a smile on their face and it’s the perfect way for you to let them know you are thinking of them.

Flowers just because means that you don’t have to go all out when it comes to your budget.  Flowers for occasions like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day will put more pressure on the buyer to outdo themselves.  Flowers for no real reason can be anything that suits your budget.  This includes bud arrangements and massive bouquets.  Attach a note to the bouquet with a short message like: “JUST BECAUSE…”