Gorgeous gladiolus flowers

Gladiolus flowers are truly unique and there is no way of confusing them with any other flower. They have impressive long stems and their name is associated with the Roman word for gladiators. Some say that these flowers were worn around the necks of gladiators to bring them luck and protection. This is why the flower is associated with integrity and strength.

Gladiolus flowers meaning

Another meaning associated with this flower is that of infatuation. When you send them to somebody you care about, you are sending them a piece of your heart because of their pointed shape.

Their history

It is interesting to note that gladioli are a part of the iris family and there are over 255 species. They are native to South Africa but are now cultivated all over the world including Europe, America, and the Middle East.

During the 1800s in Britain, hybridization of gladioli began. At first, the hybrids were sterile but, over time, this was corrected and we now enjoy so many more impressive varieties. They are available in many colours including red, pink, purple, yellow, orange and even green. They can grow up to 6 feet in height. They are perennials and they grow from corms which are bulb-like structures. These corms need to be planted in the spring once the frost has melted. They enjoy full sun as well as well-draining soil. They do tolerate partial shade and they need at least one inch of water per week. If you have pets, you need to make sure that they do not come into contact with your gladioli. Consumption can have devastating results.

Send gladiolus flowers

The gladiolus is the birth flower for the month of August and it is also associated with the 40th year of marriage because of its association with remembrance and infatuation. So, if you are celebrating your 4th wedding anniversary or you would like to celebrate a loved one’s birthday in August, gladioli are the perfect next day flowers to send!