Hey good lookin’ outside the florist!

Men, if you’re looking to attract that certain someone, it looks like the best place to do so would be outside your local florist!

A study by the University of Southern Britanny in France found that one out of every four lone female shoppers would give their phone number to a handsome stranger if asked outside a florist. This is compared to less than half that number who would hand over their number outside a shoe shop.

In the study, 5 exceptionally gorgeous men were selected by a panel of women to take part in the study. They then visited shopping centres and approached 120 women shopping alone outside florists, shoe shops and cake shops, finding that those outside flower shops were more than twice as likely to succumb to their advances than those at the other shops.

The researchers hypothesized that this may be due to the link between flowers and romance, triggering positive and agreeable feelings in the women.

So men, if you’re thinking of popping the question, take that special someone to a florist and say it with a beautiful bouquet.