Flower sending etiquette and tips

When it comes to flower sending etiquette, there are a few specific yet easy rules that everyone should remember. Before placing your flower order, make sure that you consider several factors, including the occasion, your relationship with the recipient and the message you want to send.

New baby arrival

The first flower sending tip to remember is taking the time to consider the occasion. When it comes to welcoming a new baby, you need to keep in mind whether you are celebrating the arrival of a baby boy or girl. Neutral colours are also great if you want to send something other than the usual pink or blue. Take a moment to consider the types of flowers included in the bouquet as well. Look for blooms with heavy pollen or ask the florist to remove the pollen (this can be done with certain types of lilies). You don’t want to upset mum’s allergies during this time.

A loved one in hospital

If you hear about a loved one or friend who is in hospital and you want to show your support, you can have a bouquet delivered. Flower sending rules can differ from hospital to hospital as well as from ward to ward. Make sure that you contact the hospital before placing your order and ask them for their full physical address in order to ensure a successful delivery.

Flowers and their messages

Different types of flowers and flower colours send different messages. Red roses, for instance, send a romantic message. You want to make sure that you don’t send the wrong message when having a bouquet delivered. A good tip to remember when it comes to flower sending etiquette is to opt for a mixed bouquet if you are ever in doubt. The use of several colours will ensure that your floral gift will make them smile without sending the wrong message. This is especially important if you want to send a bouquet to somebody like a co-worker or even your boss.

Flower sending etiquette is not difficult to master. Remember that your florist will also include a card in which you can write a personal message to the recipient. Take some time to come up with a unique and meaningful message to let the recipient know that you care.