Artificial plants and flowers for your lobby

Fresh flowers are great for decorating your home and office. They brighten up any space and, from a business perspective, make your customers feel even more welcome. Bright bouquets are sure to brighten up your workplace no matter the weather outside. Artificial plants and flowers the lobby of your workplace will prove to be a highlight for any visitor.


Budget friendly

Displaying fresh flowers is great if your budget allows. However, many business owners have extremely tight budgets these days and may not be able to afford to replace flower arrangements every few weeks. This is where artificial plants and flowers can be the best option.


Long-lasting décor

Artificial plants will last exponentially longer than fresh cut flowers. They won’t require watering at all or much care. You’ll just need to make sure your plants are dusted and cleaned regularly.


Keep out of the sun

Fresh flowers wilt and die when exposed to direct sunlight. While artificial plants and blooms may not die, but their vibrant colours will eventually fade if left in the sun too often. So in this regard, both types of accommodation should be kept out of the sun.


Value for money

Artificial arrangements can be enjoyed for years, and you can keep several bouquets if you want to change them from time to time. After a few months, they will pay off handsomely!


Safe over the holidays

Another plus is that you don’t have to worry about flower or plant care when it’s closed for the holidays. You can simply save your flowers and unpack them when you reopen.


Resilient options

Cold in winter and heat in summer can damage fresh flowers. No matter the weather, your artificial bouquet will never feel the effects of heat or cold. They won’t wither or perish unless the conditions are perfect, so you’ll get much more use out of them.


Last but not least, the artificial plants and blooms are pollen-free. This makes them perfect for your employees who suffer from allergies. It’s also good news for your customers. You never know how they might be affected by airborne pollen, and you don’t want them to associate your activity with uncontrollable sneezing and headaches.