Use old buttons to make flowers

Whenever you buy a new outfit, you are bound to receive an extra replacement button or two. These buttons are provided just in case you lose one. Of course, in many cases the clothing item gets old before buttons need replacing. This means that, over time, you are bound to build up quite the button collection.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great ways to turn these old buttons into home d├ęcor! One great idea is to make your own buton flowers. Not only is this craft fun but it’s also really versatile. Once your flowers are done, you can use them in so many different ways!

Start by spreading all your buttons out on a table or even on the floor. Group them together according to similarities. In other words, pay attention to size and colour while separating them. This will help you create the most gorgeous little flowers!

Once all of your buttons are organised, it’s time to select six of the same size. One will be placed in the centre and it will be covered by another button so the colour is not all that important. The other five will become the petals. If you don’t have five identical buttons, don’t worry! You can use two of the same and another group of three identical buttons. Alternate between the different types of buttons for a lovely effect. The only rule to remember is that these buttons need to be the same size. If you don’t have a group of three identical buttons, you can simply look for buttons of the same size in various colours and use five different colours altogether.

Place your middle button down and use superglue to stick the petals on one by one. Allow to dry before you proceed. While you’re waiting for the glue to dry, you can look around for the perfect centre button. You can use one or two if you like. If you use one button in the middle, it should be approximately the same size as the button petals. If you want to use two, you will need the bottom one to match the size of the petals with a smaller button on top. Glue the centre in place and allow to dry.

Once your flower is ready, you can display it as you wish! One great idea is to attach a magnet to the back and display on your fridge. Alternatively, you can use these button flowers to decorate gift boxes and bags. You could even add a wire stem or a hook and string to hang your flowers.