Stepping out of your floral comfort zone

Just like many other areas of our lives, we tend to get into a bit of a comfort zone when it comes to our flower choices. No matter how you place your order, if you find yourself buying the same bouquet time and time again, then you know it’s time for a change! This is particularly important when it comes to spoiling your partner or spouse.

Now, if you are used to placing your flower order over the phone, then you might not be aware of different names for flowers and what each of them look like. You probably also don’t know what colours they come in. So, the first tip is to look for flowers online. When shopping from an online florist, you will be able to view the various bouquets and read through the detailed descriptions.

When you register and set up an account with your online florist, you will also be able to keep track of your flower orders and the address where each one was sent. This means that you can avoid sending the same bouquet to the same recipient.

So, for example, even if you know that red roses are a popular choice for Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t make them the only flowers for the occasion. Other red flowers and pink blooms can be just as perfect for sending the message of love.

It’s great to send somebody a bunch of their favourite flowers but, it’s also good to mix it up. So, for instance, if you know that they are partial to a particular bloom, you should spice things up from time to time. You can include their favourite flower in the bunch while mixing it up with other flowers too. The same can be said for your choice in colours. If you buy a yellow bouquet to start with, you should choose a different colour the next time and avoid repeating the colours until you have exhausted all of your options.