Seasonal flowers and why you should buy them

Flower shopping does not need to be a stressful or time-consuming process. It’s easier than ever to shop for blooms online these days. With just a few clicks, your bouquet will be well on its way to your door or to the lucky recipient. If you are not sure what type of blooms to buy, you should consider seasonal flowers.

Flower prices

One of the main benefits of shopping for seasonal flowers is the price. When blooms are in season, they are available locally and this means that they are in abundance. Locally-sourced blooms are also cheaper because transport is cheaper and there are no import taxes. It’s much the same as when you shop for fresh fruit and vegetables. Locally-grown seasonal produce is better in terms of price and quality.


Another benefit of choosing seasonal flowers is the fact that they are readily available. Just like fresh produce, these blooms can be found at every florist. If you look for flowers that are not locally-grown or are not in season where you live, they will be far more difficult to source. That said, it is also worth mentioning that some blooms, like roses, are considered essential throughout the year. For instance, red roses are the number one choice for Valentine’s Day but they may not be in season at the time. Florists are aware of this which is why they take the necessary steps to ensure that their warehouses are fully stocked in advance.

Weather conditions

If you buy seasonal flowers, you can rest assured that they will not suffer from shock due to unsuitable weather conditions. Exposing summer blooms to winter conditions can shorten their lifespan. While it’s a good idea to keep fresh flowers cool, they should not get too cold. They should also be kept out of the sun regardless of the time of year.

As you can see, seasonal flowers offer a number of benefits and this is why they have become so popular. If you are not sure where to find a bouquet, take a look around at flowers online. Your florist should have a section dedicated to these special blooms.