Give your employees flowers for Christmas

When the end of the year rolls around, there is nothing better than for bosses and managers to show their employees some appreciation for all their effort over the past year.  Finding the right Christmas gifts for your staff can be tricky since you want to give them something personal but not too personal of course.  This is exactly what makes Christmas flowers the ideal gift for everyone.  When you send flowers, you can be sure that they will be appreciated.  In addition, ordering flowers from a professional florist ensures that your gifts will look perfect when they are delivered.

When selecting flowers for your staff, there are some important guidelines that you should keep in mind.  Firstly, you need to plan ahead.  You need to calculate the number of gifts you need and how many of the recipients are men and how many women.  When selecting flowers for men, you will notice just how different they are to flowers for women.  On the up side, at least you only have  one delivery address to worry about!  Since you are ordering a number of arrangements and having them all delivered to your business address, you could always ask the florist about a free flower delivery or even a discount on your flower order itself.

Another important thing to remember is to avoid offending anyone.  Some of your employees may not celebrate Christmas due to other religious beliefs or personal reasons.  Consider how you would make a person of Jewish faith feel by sending them a bouquet of Christmas flowers.  So, you want to express the holiday season without focusing on a particular holiday like Christmas.  Think of your gift from an appreciative perspective and as a means of showing your employees how much you value each and every one of them.

Now, when you are a boss, you don’t simply hold the fate of your employees in your hands but also those of their families.  Each of your employees is bringing home money to support their household.  This is why so many employers like to give their staff a gift that can be enjoyed by the employee and their family.  While fresh flowers most certainly do the trick, you could also include a box of chocolates or other treats to go with it.  When you consider how many bouquet of fresh flowers come with free chocolates or at least allow you the option of adding chocolates to your order, it makes ordering flowers online that much more worthwhile and convenient!

While some might see it as insensitive to give all of their employees the same gift, it is in fact the fairest approach.   You wouldn’t want to give anyone the impression of favouritism.  If one bouquet looks more expensive than another, you could create rivalry between colleagues.  You could even go so far as to select a single bouquet to suit both men and women and present everyone with the same gift to avoid any discussions whatsoever.