Summer Wedding Season at Prestige Flowers

Weddings happen everyday of the week all over the country and all over the world. One of the most important symbols for a wedding day are the flowers. Flowers are involved heavily on a wedding day from the decorations on the dining table to the bouquet that the bride carries.

Flowers on a wedding day can range from the beautiful to the bizarre depending on the style and theme of the wedding. The colours, styles and arrangements of the flowers can have a big bearing on the outcome of the day and can still be admired in many years when your looking back on your day when viewing photographs and videos of your special occasion. Some general ideas that can include flowers on your big day are:

  • You can greet your guests at the wedding with a special bouquet of flowers as a thank you for them attending your special day.

  • Flowers can be used as an accessory in the brides hair instead of the traditional veil or you could arrange the hair in a style so the flower compliments the veil.

  • Flower decorations can be made on the bridal transportation vehicles and can be styled in an appreciative manner that can suit the selected transport you have chosen for the wedding.

  • If at the reception venue there are gardens with ponds or lakes then little flower arrangements can be made to float on the water with maybe a candle and it will give off a peaceful feeling when the evening draws in and your guests are relaxing.

Flower decorations can also be made for your ceremony whether its in a church, registry office or country home.

  • The entrance to the ceremony can be decorated with flowers to give an elegant feel to the occasion. The flowers could then be transported from the ceremony venue to the reception venue.

  • Flowers and candlelight can be placed and styled on different levels at the venue to give a sense of dimension to the design.

  • Single roses can be used to mark the seats of the groom’s and bride’s mothers.

When moving to the reception venue flowers can still play a big role in the decoration and elegance of the occasion. For example:

  • The bouquets of the bridesmaids can be used as decoration for the wedding cake or they can be used to create a stylish buffet table.

  • You can create flower designs to be used as a centrepiece for each dining table. Maybe you can have the design in four or five clusters so each guest at the table could take home a part of the centrepiece themselves.

  • Rose petals can be placed on the tables, walkways and dance floor to give the occasion an evening higher romantic feel about it.

  • Instead of tossing rice at the couple as they leave the reception you could use the petals of many coloured flowers to give the photographs and stylish and dazzling effect.