Feel better with fresh flowers

There are few things worse than being unwell and not being able to get out of bed. Of course, if your surroundings are dull, this can make you feel even sicker. What many people don’t realize is that there is a very real connection between the mind and body. This is why certain physical actions make us feel better mentally and emotionally. Fresh flowers have a wonderful way of boosting your mood and they are the perfect get well soon gift for this very reason.

Physical and mental connection

As mentioned above, there is a connection between the mind and body. If you are feeling low and depressed, it can cause you to feel various physical aches. Similarly, if you are feeling pain or simply not feeling well, it affects your mood. You can help yourself or a loved one feel better simply by ordering fresh flowers.

The right blooms

When shopping for get well blooms, make sure that you choose the right ones. The best option is to look for a bouquet that is full of colour. You want the flowers to brighten their room so this means that pastels are not ideal. Pastel colours are calming, yes, but they are not particularly uplifting. A bunch of red, yellow, pink and purple blooms will be more effective in terms of lifting their spirits.

Depending on the recipient

Make sure that you consider the recipient before you choose a bouquet. You will notice that online florists have a special section for feel better or get well flowers. Take a look here first. Take note of the types of blooms included in each bouquet. The recipient may have some particular favourites or even a favourite colour. Choosing their favourites will go a long way to making them smile that much more.

Potential allergies

If you are concerned about pollen allergies, ask your florist about flowers without pollen or at least with heavy pollen. Roses and lilies are great options. You can even have the pollen removed from lilies if you like. This will also ensure that they don’t leave a mess on the table below.

Finally, don’t forget to include a special message along with your flower delivery. Not only with the pretty blooms lift their spirits, but so too will your kind words of encouragement. It’s also great for letting the recipient know who the flowers are from.