Make a beautiful autumn arrangement yourself

When you want to create the perfect autumn flower arrangement, it’s important to make sure that you select the right colours. Red, yellow, orange, dark green, and brown are all colours that will help you create the perfect autumn design. There is no need to make your design particularly complicated. In fact, keeping it simple is the best way to achieve best results. By following these easy guidelines, you’ll have a gorgeous autumn bouquet that you can display with pride.

Things you will need:

  • A selection of flowers and foliage that suit the autumn theme

  • A suitable vase or holder

  • Mini pumpkins and/or gourds

  • Pine cones, nuts, acorns, dried leaves, and other dried items like sticks.


  • When choosing your flowers, as previously mentioned, it’s important to select flowers and foliage that will suit the autumn theme.

  • As important as it is to choose the right plant material, you should also consider your vase. For this type of arrangement, you should look for vases that are brown in colour or made from some kind of ceramic material. You could even line the exterior of a glass jar with some dried sticks or hollow out a pumpkin.

  • Trim each stem at an angle and remove any excess foliage that will end up inside the vase.

  • Create the base of your arrangement by arranging foliage first. Ferns are ideal because they are full and dark green in colour.

  • The foliage should be arranged outwards along the rim of the container or vase in order to create a full and abundant appearance.

  • Now you can start arranging your flowers. Sunflowers make excellent focal flowers because of their size and colour.

  • Once your focal flowers are placed in the middle, you can add other flowers. Orange, red, and yellow are all excellent choices but you should not rule out dark shades of purple or plum.

  • Add some extra foliage in between and you can add some off-white flowers here and there as well. This is great for breaking up the dark colours.

  • Finish off your arrangement with some accessories like dried sticks if you like.

  • Set aside some space around the vase and decorate the table with small pumpkins, gourds, pine cones, or anything else autumn related.

  • Remember to change the water in the vase on a regular basis and trim the stems from time to time.