Romantic plants for your Valentine

For those who are looking for romantic plants this Valentine’s Day, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of amazing options. The best part about sending plants for this occasion is that you can be sure that they will last and they will regularly remind your Valentine just how much you love them.

Rose plant

Roses are the top choice when it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers. This is what makes them the most romantic plants too. Rose plants are available in various colours including red, pink and yellow. Take your pick according to your partner or spouse’s preferences.

Lily plant

Lilies are also incredibly impressive floral gifts. These romantic plants will produce some of the most amazing and sweet-smelling blooms. They have a superb exotic look and they put on an amazing show when they are in bloom. Even when they are dormant, lily plants have a lush green look.


Of all the romantic plants available at your local or online florist, orchids are some of the most impressive. Available in a number of varieties and colours, orchids are the ultimate elegant potted plants. Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis orchids are the top choices because they are gorgeous and easy to care for.


Red amaryllis plants are an excellent choice when shopping for romantic plants this Valentine’s Day. They are popular for the holidays too, because of their rich colour. However, they can also be sent as a romantic gift and they will certainly be appreciated due to their exotic look.

Combo gifts

If you can’t quite decide which romantic plants to choose, you can always look at combo gifts. These plants are paired with other romantic gifts such as champagne or wine, chocolates or balloons. You can even add to your combo gift if you like. So, if you see a gift that includes a potted plant and a bottle of wine but you would also like some luxury chocolates, you can add them to your flower order.

These are just a few of the best ideas for romantic plants your Valentine will love. It’s also a good idea to take some extra time to compose a special message for the recipient. While there are a number of generic messages you could send in the form of cheesy poems, something personal will be far more meaningful.