Roselilies – a rare and beautiful combination

The combination of two wonderful flowers yield an even more beautiful bloom. These flowers are particularly rare since there are currently only two growers producing them. They are unique in terms of appearance as well as properties, which is why Prestige Flowers is so proud to offer this bouquet.

Each head has a double lily which gives it a fuller and more remarkable aesthetic appeal. Their beauty is complimented further by their sweet perfume. As their stylish petals decorate your home, so too does that delightful smell fill the air.

One of the most notable characteristics of these flowers is that they are completely free of pollen. This makes them perfect for anyone with allergies as well as those who want to display flowers without worrying about pollen staining their table cloths and furniture. It’s also perfect for brides who are concerned about pollen ruining their bridal gown.

Another benefit of choosing these flowers is that they are pet friendly. There’s no need to worry about risking the health and well-being of your pets when displaying these beautiful blooms. They are known to last about 4 days longer than your average Oriental lily which means that they offer fantastic value for money.

When you receive your Roselily flower delivery, you should make sure that you condition and care for them properly in order to make them last as long as possible. Start by dissolving some flower food in fresh water. While the solution dissolves in a vase, you can condition each Roselily stem. Trim 4cm off the base of the stem in order to create a fresh new surface for absorption. Cut at an angle so that the surface area is larger and to prevent the stem from resting directly on the base of the vase. Remove the leaves that could end up below the waterline in the vase. Make sure that you change the water and add flower food twice a week. Proper care helps these rare flowers last 12 – 14 days.