Flowers for your bridesmaids’ hair

The bride is always the star of the show at any wedding. Although the groom also shares the limelight, it really is considered to be her day more than anything else. That said, it’s also important to consider the kind of look that you want for your bridesmaids. Using flowers as hair accessories is a great way of achieving an understated yet beautiful and feminine look. Whenever wearing flowers, there are some important points to remember.

The first thing to look for is flowers that will last throughout the ceremony and photo session at least. If your bridesmaids decide that they would rather remove the flowers before dancing the night away, it’s not considered to be in poor taste. Particularly if the flowers start to wilt. Just as long as they make it through most of the day, you can rest assured that you’ve made the right choice. Roses do really well and so do peonies. You should avoid thirsty flowers like tulips since they won’t last long out of the water.

Another important thing to remember is to wait until the very last minute before adding flowers to any hairdo. The longer you keep them in water and in cooler conditions, the longer they will last on the day. When you do decide to pin them in your hair, you must remember that this is your last chance for hairspray! Once you’ve added flowers to your hair, you should not expose them to chemicals. Use hairpins to secure the flowers properly so that you don’t have to handle them throughout the day.

If you are particularly concerned about the flowers wilting or if you need to get your hair done really early, then silk flowers might be the best option. While some artificial flowers look terribly fake, there are some exquisite varieties available and they are so perfectly made that they look even better than the real thing!