Order flowers to brighten your office in winter

During the winter months, it’s not uncommon for your work space to feel particularly dark and dull. There’s notably less light and outside you won’t notice much colour or greenery. Most trees and plants have shed their leaves and it can have an effect on your mood and emotions.

When at work, it’s extremely important to maintain a positive attitude and disposition. Not only is it beneficial when working with clients, but also for those who conduct a lot of business over the phone, and even workers who don’t have contact with the public can benefit from a more positive working environment.

The first thing to consider is the fact that different office spaces require different forms of décor. Not all offices are the same size and some have more extra room than others. The smaller the office, the smaller the bouquet will need to be. In addition, if you or any of you co-workers have pollen allergies, it’s important to be considerate when choosing fresh flowers. For example, instead of choosing flowers that spread their pollen through the air would be best avoided. Flowers that are pollenated by insects are better because the pollen is heavy which means it will fall to the table or floor rather than fly through the air. Florists can remove pollen from certain types of flowers if requested.

Choose your colours carefully too. Not only should the colours of the bouquet enhance the décor of your office, but they should also be bright enough to attract plenty of attention. Bright colours are also great for boosting your mood so look for something like bright yellow sunflowers, a bouquet of mixed gerbera daisies, mixed roses, or something with plenty of colour.

For all the bosses out there, it’s also worth considering decorating your employees’ offices with flowers on a regular basis. Not only will you show your staff some appreciation, but you willalso notice an increase in productivity. Fresh flowers, therefore, are an investment when you consider how they can help your staff perform better than before.

Don’t let winter get you down! Order fresh flowers from your favourite florist and brighten up your office! If you want something that lasts longer than a flower bouquet, you could even opt for a potted plant. Many florists also sell lovely potted plants which makes shopping even easier.