Summer plants with beautiful blooms

Different types of plants have different root systems. They also bloom at different times of the year. When you choose seasonal flowers for your bouquets, they will last longer and be more affordable too. Here are some of the most popular summer plants that you can enjoy in your garden and around your home.

Oriental lilies

These summer plants produce some of the most impressive flowers. They are unique in their shape and size, as well as their exotic appearance. They are best grown in pots or containers so you can move them around as needed. If you want to pick flowers, remember to remove the pollen to prevent it from falling and staining your table or tablecloth.


These are fine flowers that come in vibrant colors. They enjoy shady areas like your patio and these summer plants are known for having a long flowering period in the summer and well into November. They can be planted in a planter or displayed in a hanging basket if you prefer.


One of the most fragrant summer plants, freesia comes in several beautiful colors. They are quite hardy which means that if you live in an area with a temperate climate, they will thrive. Alternatively, they can be grown in greenhouses or similar environments.


Arguably one of the most impressive summer bulbs, they are known and loved for their tall stems and vibrant colors. The flowers are curled and this will give texture to your bouquet. They can also be enjoyed in your garden and are great for areas behind shorter stemmed summer plants and flowers.


No matter what type of summer plants you choose for your garden, the one thing you can be sure of is their beauty. Make sure you choose several colors for your garden and come up with a planting plan before you begin. When cutting flowers in the summer, you should do it early in the morning and before the sun gets too hot. You should also select flowers that are in partial bud form to ensure they last longer.