Why are orchids so popular?

When shopping for flowers, no matter the occasion, you are bound to come across bouquets that include orchids and even potted plants. In both cases, they make fantastic and impressive gifts for friends and loved ones alike. Here are some reasons why these blooms are so popular.

Exotic beauty

One of the main reasons why people find orchids irresistible is because of their exotic beauty. There are many different orchid varieties but one thing remains the same no matter what – they are all extraordinarily stunning. You can take your pick from various colours too. In some cases, they can even be dyed to produce other colours like bright blue.

Long-lasting cut flowers

Most cut flowers do not last more than a couple of weeks at the very most. Orchids are known for being the longest-lasting of all cut flowers. Just like any other fresh cut blooms, it is important to make sure that they have fresh water and you might need to trim the stems every few days to slow the growth of bacteria.

Long bloom season

If you prefer a potted plant, you can always be sure that potted orchids will make an excellent gift. Of all the potted plants available, your orchid will certainly outshine them when it comes to their blooming season. This plant blooms for several months rather than a few weeks. So, you or the lucky recipient of your floral gift will get to enjoy them for that much longer each year.

Easy to care for

Despite what some might say, orchids are not all that tricky to care for. Unlike regular potted plants, they do not have potting soil. Instead, they need special potting mix for orchids and you need to soak the base of the pot rather than watering them from the top. As long as these plants have a comfortably humid environment and you keep them at the right temperature, you can be sure that they will thrive.

With all of these points in mind, it’s no wonder why orchids have continued to gain popularity over the years. While their appearance attracts most new orchid lovers, they are further intrigued by the rest of these fantastic facts.