The Queen’s flowers in your garden

The flowers which grow in Buckingham Palace garden are available for the first time for the public to take home from the Hampton Court Flower Show. However can you recreate a mini royal garden in your own garden at home?

The royal garden covers over 40 acres of land and is home to over 350 varieties of wild flowers.

Mr Mark Lane, the Buckingham Palace garden manager, says that the garden reflects a traditional English landscape. The full garden for the most part remains private from the public and limited tours were only first allowed into the garden in 2009.

However 11 varieties of seeds can now be purchased at this years Hampton Court Flower Show which runs until Sunday. You can be supplied with some seeds by donating a minimum of £1 to charity. Some of the seeds that will be available at the show include acer trees, shrubs, poppies and upright ginger.

The shop at the show is now running into its fifth year and tends to sell seeds from all over the UK and also rare and exotic plant seeds.

However most people only have small gardens so how easy is it to actually recreate something special.


Janet Wright who runs the shop at the flower show had this to say, “Even in smaller gardens, it is possible to copy some of the plant combinations and the perennials that are growing there. Some of the seeds are quite specialist and some of them are fairly commonplace, like the poppy, but then a lot of people just like to have a flower and say that it’s come from Buckingham Palace”.