Flower meanings and sending the right message

When sending flowers to friends and loved ones, it’s important to choose the appropriate blooms for the occasion. For instance, romantic flowers will not prove suitable when you want to express your condolences. When choosing fresh blooms for somebody special, keep these flower meanings in mind and remember that there is a bloom for every occasion.


When you want to express love, romance and passion, red is the best colour. You may have noticed that the most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day are red roses. Other red blooms are also popular such as carnations and tulips. This is because the colour red is associated with romance and love. Of course, red is a deeply passionate colour while pink sends a message of affection. If you want to let somebody know that you like them but you’re not yet in a relationship, pink blooms might be best.

Strength or get well soon

If you have a loved who is in hospital or under the weather, you should definitely send fresh flowers. According to documented flower meanings, the gladiolus flower represents strength. This flower name comes from the Latin word, gladius, which means sword. Another type of flower that sends a message of strength is the snapdragon. So, feel free to choose between these two blooms and, remember, there are also several colours from which you can pick.


One of the most commonly-known flower meanings is that associated with the yellow rose. This bloom is associated with friendship and it is the top choice when it comes to floral gifts for Friendship Day. The bright colour and the elegance of the rose itself will surely make your friend smile.


When you want to send somebody a message of hope and encouragement, you should order some yellow roses paired with purple irises. The fact that both of these blooms are associated with hope is one of the lesser known flower meanings.

Apologies or sorrow

When you want to express your sorrow or apologize, you can send a bouquet or a potted hyacinth. There is a myth associated with this bloom that involves Zephyrus (the West Wind) and Apollo. Hyacinth and Apollo were playing discus when Apollo tossed the discus for Hyacinth to fetch. Zephyrus was jealous and blew the discus away and killed Hyacinth. Apollo did not want to let Hyacinth go so he created a flower from Hyacinth’s blood.

These are just some of the most common flower meanings to help you choose blooms that will suit any occasion. No matter what, remember that you should always include a message with your flower delivery. This will support and underline the meaning of your floral gift.