6th wedding anniversary flowers

After 6 years of marriage, you and your spouse might start to wonder if you should still celebrate as you did before. The simple answer is a massive yes! Every year together is worth celebrating and remembering your wonderful years together. If you are not sure what to send your spouse this year, here are some great ideas for wedding anniversary flowers and gifts.

Anniversary flowers

For the 6th anniversary, the calla lily is the flower of choice. It represents how the couple has grown together and more in love after six years of marriage. The flower has a long and slender appearance which is unlike any other bloom. It symbolises the way your love has developed and matured in this time. Not to mention the fact that they smell amazing! If you choose the white variety, it will also send a message of purity which reinforces the pure love you share.

Traditional and modern gift

The traditional gift for the 6th anniversary is sugar and the modern gift is wood. You might not want to send your spouse a bag of sugar but you can pamper them with a sweet gift like a sweet hamper or chocolate hamper. As for wood, there are plenty of wonderful wooden items like furniture and even decorative items.

Consider colour

Another great idea if you want to keep up with the gift traditions is to choose a gift according to the colours associated with this anniversary. Purple, turquoise and white are all associated with the 6th anniversary. Keep these colours in mind when you are choosing anniversary flowers and other gifts.

By keeping up with these traditions, you will always have a different gift to present to your spouse. It will keep things interesting as well as sentimental. Don’t forget to always include a special note when you send anniversary flowers and let your spouse know just how much you love them.