Common Valentine’s Day flower questions

For anyone who has never really enjoyed a real Valentine’s Day celebration with somebody they really care about, you are bound to have a few questions and possibly even some misconceptions. Valentine’s Day can be a really fun occasion and it’s a great opportunity to spoil that special person in your life. Fresh flowers are a popular gift for this occasion and, even if you don’t buy anything else, you can be sure that a beautiful bouquet will always send the right message. Here are a few FAQs about Valentine’s Day flowers to help with any concerns and nerves that could still be lingering.

Are red roses a must?

While red roses are often seen as the most popular gift for this occasion, they are not the one and only option. There are plenty of other flowers that you could send instead if you like. For example, you could send pink roses if your relationship is still fairly new and you have not said those three special words just yet (I love you). If you are worried about your budget, you could opt for other red flowers like carnations or tulips for example. If you want to make sure that the flowers are romantic but they still fit your budget, take a look at Valentine’s Day flowers online and compare prices.

How much should you send?

There is no rule when it comes to how many flowers you should send. Florists usually offer small, medium, and large bouquets which means that you can make your selection based on your budget. Remember, you don’t need to go over the top with flowers if you are planning on adding something like chocolates to your flower order. Try to keep the gift balanced and, if you have a romantic dinner planned, you will want to save some money for that too. The key is to buy based on the stage of the relationship you are in as well as your budget. If you have been going out for a week, for example, you don’t want to scare your new partner off by sending a bunch of 50 roses!

Are flowers an essential gift?

The gift or gifts you send to your Valentine are entirely up to you. Fresh flowers are a popular and thoughtful gift for such a romantic occasion but this tradition is not set in stone. If you prefer, you could opt for something like a romantic gift hamper instead. Think about what you can afford as well as what your Valentine will like.

Can I send an anonymous flower delivery?

Of course! Valentine’s Day is not only for couples but also for those who have their eye on somebody special but might not have the courage to approach them. An anonymous flower delivery could be just what you need to test things out and see if your love interest is interested in a relationship. Just make sure that you let your florist know NOT to include your name with the flower delivery!