How To Keep Your Summer Flower Bouquet Fresh

The summer months can take their toll on everyone.  The heat often leaves us feeling lazy and tired during the day.  Just imagine how your fresh cut flowers must feel.  Removed from their natural environment where they once thrived, and now placed in some container of water.  It’s no wonder they tend to perish all too quickly.  However, this is also largely due to the fact that many people do not follow the correct care instructions for cut flowers.  We don’t think to include such instructions every time we send flowers either.  It is only natural that one would listen to all the old wives tales and so-called “tricks” when they really don’t work.  Here are some real steps that you can take in order to help your summertime bouquet last longer and if you are going to send a flower delivery to somebody over the summer, do them a favour and include these notes along with it.

Summer Flowers Care Tips

You will need:

– A bucket of fresh water

– Floral preserve

– Spray bottle with fresh, clean water

– A sharp pair of scissors


– When you receive your fresh flower delivery, the first thing you want to do is place them in a

bucket of water.  Even if they come with a vase, remove them from the vase and put them in

the bucket.  Depending on the type of flowers in the bouquet, you should either use lukewarm

or cold water.  Flowers grown from bulbs prefer cold water while others do better in lukewarm

or room temperature water.

– Once you have them resting in some fresh water, you can take your time and clean the vase.

– Add some water (just a couple of inches) to the vase and dissolve the floral preserve in the


– One by one you trim each of your flowers’ stems.  Do so under water if possible so that no air

can enter the stems.  You should also cut them on an angle.  This creates a larger surface area

for absorption and ensures that the stems will not lay flat on the bottom of the vase.

– While cutting the bases, make sure that you trim any leaves off that are lower down on the

stems.  You don’t want any of these leaves in the flowers’ water as it will encourage bacterial


– As you cut each stem, you can place that flower in the vase.

– When all your flowers are in the vase and you are ready to put your bouquet on display, you

must think very carefully as to where you place them.  Do not place your flowers near a window

that the sun directly shines on.  Sunlight will heat up the water even more and encourage the

growth of bacteria in the water.

– Flowers need some flow of air but not too much so make sure that they are not placed in a

draughty place or near any air conditioners or fans.

– Replace the water regularly.  In the summer, the water will evaporate a lot quicker and the

flowers will absorb a lot of it too.  Make sure that your vase never dries up and that the water

is always clean and fresh.  Each time you change the water, add some more floral preserve.

– You can also keep a spray bottle with fresh water nearby so, every now and then you can give

the flowers a little spray.  This is particularly great for the more exotic flowers as it creates

some added humidity to their immediate surroundings.

– Flower bouquets for special events can be stored in fridges until the last minute.  If you are

planning your wedding or any other occasion during the summer months, keep your blooms

nice and crisp just like they do at any flower shop.