Potted rose plant care advice

Of all the cut flowers that you will find at your local florist, roses are one of the most popular. While they are loved as cut flowers, a potted rose plant will also make a superb gift for many occasions. If you are fortunate enough to receive such a plant, it is important to make sure that you tend to its needs properly in order to ensure that it thrives. Here are some of the most important care tips to keep in mind.

Water and sunlight

Roses are partial to warmer weather and they do well with a fair amount of direct sunlight. You can allow them to receive more direct sun in the winter than in the summer, however. Too much hot summer sun can scorch the leaves. As for water, your watering schedule will vary based on the weather. You will need to water more frequently in the summer than in winter. Before watering, it’s best to check just how moist the soil is. Too much water can cause the roots to rot which is why it’s important not to overdo it.

Repel bugs

Just like other plants, your potted rose plant will attract certain bugs and you need to take the necessary measures to keep them away. If they are large enough, you can remove them by hand. Alternatively, you and rinse your plant gently and wipe down the tops and undersides of the leaves. Make sure that you remove any damaged leaves to keep your plant healthy.


All living things on this earth require nutrients in order to grow. Your potted rose plant is no exception. Different fertilizers are designed for different types of plants which is why you need to choose yours carefully. Make sure that you follow the instructions on the package and only fertilize during the growth period.

Time to prune

Just like roses in your garden, your potted rose plant will also need to be pruned. It is important to do so during the dormant period so that the plant will grow strong and healthy. You should avoid crushing the stems and make sure that you cut away spent blooms as well as dead foliage. While your plant will be significantly smaller once you are done, do not worry. It will soon grow even larger.

By following these important potted rose plant care steps, you will ensure that it continues to grow and bloom year after year. At some stage, you may have to re-pot your plant. Remember, like pruning, this should be done when the plant is no longer in bloom. Always remove the plant with care so that you do not damage the roots.