Azalea plant care everyone should know

A happy azalea plant can completely transform any room in your home. The key, just as with any other plant, is to make sure that you meet its basic needs. When you cater to the needs of the plant, you can rest assured that it will certainly thrive. Here are some care tips that you need to remember when growing azaleas in your home.

Pick the perfect spot

All plants have different lighting needs and your azalea plant is no different. You need to place it in an area that receives plenty of light and you can even place it near a window. They love direct morning sunlight but should receive indirect light for the rest of the day. They also do not enjoy the cold so make sure that temperatures remain moderate to warm. Cooler (not cold) temperatures encourages blooms to last longer so make sure that you do not place the plant near any sources of heat.

Water needs

Water is essential for all forms of life and your azalea plant will not be able to thrive if you allow the soil to dry out. The soil should remain moist but not soggy. If the soil remains wet for too long, the roots will rot. Once a week, you should submerge the pot in a large container or bucket of water. This ensures that the potting mix rehydrates completely. Remove the plant and allow it to drain thoroughly before placing it back on the drainage tray and back in its usual spot.


Your azalea plant will also enjoy higher levels of humidity so you can place it on a tray of pebbles and add water to this tray. The water will evaporate and create a humid environment immediately around the plant. Top up the water as needed to maintain a higher level of humidity and keep your azalea happy.

By keeping these azalea plant care tips in mind, you will get plenty of joy out of this plant. While it is lovely to receive a plant that is already in bloom, it is even more rewarding to watch this plant grow, thrive and re-bloom!