Most notable flower trends

All the best florists around the world know how important it is to keep up with the latest floristry and flower design trends. Similarly, it’s important to customers that florists offer the very best designs. Whenever you send flowers, you want that bouquet to be absolutely perfect for the occasion and the recipient.

One significant trend is the remarkable increase of online flower shopping. Not only are people doing more gift shopping online, but they have shown an incredible interest in online florists in particular. Not only do online florists offer a wide variety of flower arrangements, but they also offer flower delivery to various destinations and you can add optional extras like chocolates or a bottle of bubbly to your flower order. Shopping online for flowers has proven to be efficient as far as time is concerned and cost effective since you can enjoy some great discounts and deals.

While fresh flowers remain popular for various occasions, including Christmas, it’s also important to note that many online florists also offer various potted plants. The high-quality plants and the way they are presented often encourage shoppers to opt for plants instead of flowers. As a result, we have seen a notable increase in the number of potted plants sent for various occasions.

While many people believe that men are most likely to buy flowers, studies show that women are the top consumers in this regard. Men often buy flowers for their partners or spouses whereas women by flowers for friends, family, and even themselves. Many more women are ordering fresh flowers on a regular basis to brighten their own home or office. They realise the positive effects flowers have on their environment and mood which is even more important given the stressful lives we lead.

Another interesting trend is one regarding different annual occasions. Florists note a spike in rose sales around Valentine’s Day as well as other red flowers. During the festive season, the most popular arrangements include elements of red, white, and green. Of course, when Mother’s Day comes around, pink is a favourite and carnations are a traditionally popular option. No matter the time of year, you can also be sure that your florist will have certain flowers in stock. Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and lilies are all so popular that florists simply cannot do without them!