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Artificial flowers – how to keep them clean

When you first order a bouquet of artificial flowers, they will most likely look impeccable. High-quality silk blooms can look just like the real thing. The only thing that will let on that they are not fresh flowers is if you allow them to gather dust. While an artificial bouquet does not need water, you […]

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Silk flowers for a new baby celebration

When a new baby arrives, it is an occasion that everyone wants to celebrate. Fresh flowers are a popular gift for this occasion. Of course, you may want to consider silk flowers too. If you are still on the fence, here are some reasons why a silk bouquet could be just right. Avoid pollen Fresh […]

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Silk blooms – all the pros and cons

When shopping for flowers, you will most likely come across dozens of fresh bouquets. They are beautiful and perfect down to the very last petal. Of course, fresh flowers do not last as long as silk blooms. There are several differences between silk and fresh bouquets. If you are planning on arranging your own silk […]

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Silk flowers and what you need to know

When we think about artificial flowers, we often think about blooms that look plastic and fake. This is because there was a time when cheap artificial blooms almost completely ruined the reputation of these pretty flowers. Silk flowers have a long history and, despite a momentary lack of quality, we have access to some of […]

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Silk flowers and how to find the best

Professional florists don’t only create amazing displays with fresh blooms. Silk flowers have become increasingly popular because they offer so many benefits. Years ago, silk blooms had a bit of a bad reputation. Fortunately, things have changed and we can now enjoy some of the most spectacular artificial bouquets. Why choose silk blooms? When working […]

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Fresh flower choices according to the colour of the year

Now that we have welcomed 2022, it’s time to start planning for the year ahead. There’s much to consider, including how we will move forward with our annual décor. Each year we have a new colour to enjoy as our colour of the year. This should always be kept in mind when it comes to […]

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Why is colour important when it comes to floral designs

Florsts are paid professionals and, once you understand all the effort that goes into every bouquet, it’s easy to understand why. Arranging flowers is not just about grabbing a few stems, some foliage, and hoping for the best. Every aspect of every bouquet is planned in order to ensure that they appropriate message is conveyed. […]

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Flower colours and what they mean

Whether you are shopping for flowers for yourself or a loved one, it’s always good to remember that flower colours determine what the bouquet means. Different colours and their meanings make different blooms better suited for different recipients and occasions. Red Red is one of the most popular of all flower colours. Red blooms represent […]

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