Silk flowers and what you need to know

When we think about artificial flowers, we often think about blooms that look plastic and fake. This is because there was a time when cheap artificial blooms almost completely ruined the reputation of these pretty flowers. Silk flowers have a long history and, despite a momentary lack of quality, we have access to some of the most realistic-looking artificial arrangements today.

First use of artificial blooms

One interesting fact about silk flowers is that they have been used far longer than many people realise. Artificial flowers can be dated back to ancient Rome and Egypt. Not only were they made from silk, but some were made from paper or even plastic later on. Of course, the silk varieties were always the most popular since they have the most realistic appearance.

Chinese manufacturers

Just like many items in this world, China started manufacturing silk flowers on a large scale. Italy followed China’s example of silk flower making in the 12th century and they actually used the cocoons of silkworms to manufacture these blooms! This is particularly impressive when you stop to think just how many cocoons would be needed to make a single bloom.

Europe takes a fancy

France joined this trend by the 14th century and they soon became the number one manufacturer. They held on to this spot for an impressive 4 centuries. French artisans are to thank for bringing this art form to England during the French Revolution. The British then took this knowledge along with them across the sea.

Exporting across the pond

During the 20th century, it was Japan that took the lead in artificial flower export. Some countries, however, prefer to import silk flowers from France. The USA is an example of one such country.

Artificial blooms today

While silk flowers today might not be made from pure silk, they are still known as silk blooms. There are a number of alternative artificial flower making methods but silk will always render the most realistic results. You can even find some silk blooms with an added scent so that you have the impression of a real fresh flower arrangement.

One of the main reasons why silk flowers become and remained popular is because of the fact that they will not wilt. You can enjoy their beauty for months or even years if they are properly cared for. Simply keep them away from sources of heat, out of the direct sun and dust them off from time to time and you will get the most out of them.