A wedding boutonnière your groom will love

When it comes to your wedding flowers, you most likely plan your centrepieces, ceremony décor and handheld bouquets. In so many cases, your groom’s wedding boutonnière is almost forgotten or it appears to be more of a footnote than anything else. This is rather unfortunate since the male population of your bridal party don’t have beautiful dresses to show off. Which is all the more reason to take extra care when choosing flowers for him.

A little lime

Lime is a wonderful colour to embrace if you are planning a spring or summer wedding. Consider such elements as a green button pom bloom, a coral rosebud and hypericum berries for some texture. Affordable and colourful, this wedding boutonnière will make him feel truly special.

Ravishing rose

Roses are a popular flower for corsages and boutonnières as well as all other types of arrangements. When it comes to creating his wedding boutonnière, you can turn something plain into a truly extraordinary floral work of art. All you need to do is pair a rose with flowers that have more of a spiky texture like sea holly, celosia or gomphrena. It’s the contrast of these blooms that make for such a captivating visual effect.

Elegant orchid

Orchids are loved as cut flowers and plants. When using them as part of your wedding boutonnière design, you don’t have to do much at all. They can be used all on their own and you don’t need other blooms. If you like, you can add a touch of green by including some wispy foliage like a type of grass for instance.

Perfect in pink

While men are often hesitant when it comes to the colour pink, he might be more willing when he sees this wedding boutonnière design! A bright pink and superbly sleek mini calla lily is far more appropriate for him than a puffy pink carnation or rose. You can also include a bit of a brown or black elements in the form of foliage, berries or ribbon to give the boutonnière a more masculine look.

Mini calla bouquet

Mini callas are perfect for his wedding boutonnière because they are compact yet they have an amazing impact. They can easily be paired with various small accents to create a mini version of the bride’s bouquet.

Personal touch

If you want to add something really special to his wedding boutonnière, you can add an accent that reflects his favourite hobby. A colourful fishing lure, golf tee or a miniature musical instrument are some examples of trinkets that you can include in his boutonnière.

As you can see, there are plenty of great ideas when it comes to designing the perfect wedding boutonnière for your hubby-to-be. Last, but not least, make sure that you ask him for his opinion regarding the design. He is the one who has to wear it, after all.