Make your home look fabulous with flowers

There are a number of elements of home décor that are considered somewhat permanent. Painting the walls and choosing your furniture are seen as permanent design decisions which means that they need to be carefully planned. You don’t change the colour scheme or style of your home every year or even every few years. Decorative items like flowers, on the other hand, can be changed regularly which means that they can give the room a change in design and style.

Fresh flowers

When you order fresh flowers from your local florist, you will notice that they look stunning for at least a week or even two. As soon as you notice a flower start to perish, it should be removed so that the rest of the flowers do not perish prematurely as a result. When you choose flowers for your home, you should take note of the colours you use to decorate each room. The colours of the flowers you order should compliment the décor. So, if you have a purple or dark blue room, then a bunch of bright yellow flowers will look fantastic.

Silk flowers

Artificial flowers or silk blooms are great if you are looking for flowers that will last longer. Of course, this does not mean that you should order a single flower display and leave it in place for years. A better way of enjoying silk flowers is by ordering several displays or building up a collection and rotating them. One great way of doing this is by ordering four different bouquets – one for each season. This way, every few months you can enjoy a change in your home. When not in use, dust your silk flowers off and store them in sealed container and make sure you avoid light, heat and moisture.


If you want something that lasts longer than fresh flowers but you’re not sure about the artificial option, you could consider plants. Some potted plants produce flowers, some do not. There are also those that take years to produce a very small flower – like cacti. Some plants have additional uses like aloe and various herbs too. Your potted plants can, therefore, serve a dual purpose.

No matter what you choose for your home, or even if you choose a combination of the options mentioned above, you can be certain that flowers and plants will always brighten any room and make you and your guests feel that much more at home.