Choosing flowers for teachers

Teachers do not only spend a few hours a day teaching their class. Their responsibilities extend beyond normal school hours and this is just one reason why parents should consider spoiling them with flowers for teachers. If you are not sure what type of bouquet is best, here are some ideas.

Pink bouquets

Pink and purple are colours that will reflect her femininity and there are plenty of flowers available in these colours. Roses, lilies, tulips and carnations all make excellent flowers for teachers. You can choose several types of flowers for a single bouquet or a single type of flower in one colour if you prefer.

Warm colours

Warm colours send a warm message. When it comes to flowers for teachers, you want to avoid anything that could come across as romantic. So, red arrangements like a bouquet of red roses might not be the ideal option. Warm colours like yellow and orange, on the other hand, make excellent vibrant gifts. You can include some red flowers in these bouquets too. Provided they also include other warm colours. Take germinis or gerbera daisies for example. When you combine several colours, they look even more spectacular.

Mixed arrangements

Whenever in doubt, a mixed arrangement is the ideal choice. Mixed bouquets are great because they don’t send a specific message but rather they express affection and gratitude. Whenever you send flowers for teachers, or anyone for that matter, you can also include a message in the card attached. This gives you the opportunity to let the teacher know that you care and who the flowers are from in case you want to opt for a direct delivery.

Something extra

Before completing your order, you can make flowers for teachers even more impressive by adding something extra such as chocolates or a colourful balloon. There are various optional extras from which to choose and these will make your floral gift that much more impressive.

Potted plants

If you want to send a gift that lasts even longer than a cut flower bouquet, you should consider potted plants. Like flowers for teachers, plants make thoughtful gifts and there are various types from which to choose. Make sure that you choose an attractive plant that is also easy to care for.

For men

Not all teachers are women so, if you want to spoil him, you can always send a potted plant such as a succulent or you could opt for a luxurious gift hamper such as a whisky hamper, chocolate basket or cheese and wine gift.

Now that you have a few great ideas for flowers for teachers, you can start shopping. Remember, when shopping for bouquets online, you will find it that much easier to stick to your budget without compromising on quality.