Make your own wine bottle centrepiece

How many times have you hosted a party and ended up with several empty wine bottles? They usually make their way to the trash but what many people don’t realise is that they can be put to much better use. Wine and champagne bottles make fantastic vases and they are far more versatile than many people think.

Firstly, you will only need a few stems to fill each bottle which means that these bouquets are perfect for those on a budget. The flowers you use need to have long stems for obvious reasons. Some good examples include long-stemmed roses, hydrangeas, and even bunches of baby’s breath.

Depending on your personal and decorative preferences, you can simply remove the labels from the bottle and leave it as is or you can decorate with spray paint. White and off-white flowers look particularly lovely in gold painted bottles for example. You can even save some smaller wine bottles and arrange three different bottles to form a centrepiece. Use different flowers of similar colours in each bottle and make sure that the colours you choose suit the colour you use to decorate the bottles.

If you are decorating several tables for a larger event, you can set up one or three bottles on each table along with a table number and perhaps some candles too. You can either set the number on a stand or you can stick it to one of the bottles.

If you want to write a message on your bottles but you don’t want to paint it on top of the spray paint, you can write the message on the bottle using hot glue. Clean the bottle and make sure that it is completely dry. Use your hot glue gun to write your message and let it set before you spray paint the bottle.

The best part of all is that you can order a large bouquet of flowers from your favourite florist and use it to create several stunning displays. You can also use various items and accessories as part of the bouquets to make them even more impressive!