Silk flowers for a new baby celebration

When a new baby arrives, it is an occasion that everyone wants to celebrate. Fresh flowers are a popular gift for this occasion. Of course, you may want to consider silk flowers too. If you are still on the fence, here are some reasons why a silk bouquet could be just right.

Avoid pollen

Fresh blooms will often release pollen into the air or, if they have heavy pollen, they can make quite a mess. Silk flowers will help you avoid this potential problem. Mum will already have her hands full with a newborn which is why you want to make sure that she doesn’t have anything extra that she will need to take care of or clean up.

No care required

As briefly mentioned above, you want to make sure that mum doesn’t have any more on her plate. Which is why silk flowers are so great. Mum will not need to worry about putting them in water, trimming the stems or refilling the vase. All she will need to do is dust them from time to time.

Every colour available

While nature has plenty of gorgeous blooms in the most amazing colours, silk flowers can be created in any colour you like – even black, blue, silver and gold. You can literally choose any colour or even flowers with multiple colours. Yes, rainbow flowers are available and, since silk flower manufacturing has come so far, these blooms look extremely realistic too.


The number one benefit of silk flowers is the fact that they last for years. Provided they are displayed out of direct sun and away from any sources of heat, the happy family can make the most of your floral gift for years to come.

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing benefits to choosing silk flowers to welcome a new baby. You can send these flowers to the hospital and mum can take them home with her. Alternatively, you can wait for mum and baby to arrive home before arranging for the flower delivery.