Fresh flower baskets with a festive touch

Most people focus on placing your fresh flower selection in a vase or some type of flat holder. Many don’t even consider using a trash can! When sending hampers and similar gifts such as wine, chocolates and biscuits, it is quite common to think about packaging them in a basket. So what about flowers? Why not send flowers in the same kind of beautiful container? Festive flower baskets can be found almost everywhere during the Christmas season. You may notice that some displays at your local florist and online florists typically offer these types of options as well.

Easy to transport

For those who prefer to deliver fresh flower baskets in person rather than relying on their florist, flowers arranged in a basket can make the delivery process much easier. The basket fits securely in your car, is less fragile than a glass vase and offers a sturdy shape or support. If you choose a basket with a handle on the top, it will also be much easier to carry.

Different designs and sizes

When ordering or making your own fresh flower basket for Christmas, you can really get creative. Most of the choices you make will depend on the size of the actual basket and what it allows. When choosing a vase, you will need to find one that is suitable for the flowers and foliage. The same can be said for basket designs. You can’t put a large selection in a small basket or vice versa. When it comes to Christmas bouquets, you should always stick to the theme of the season. Especially if you plan to send a hamper or two to your loved ones. When sending flowers for Christmas, you want to make sure that the flowers really emphasize the Christmas theme and bring the joy of the season to the recipient.

Flower types

When choosing the fresh flower types you want to use, you will have essentially the same options as when arranging a bouquet in a vase. You need central flowers, massive flowers and also some fillers and foliage. Focal flowers can be anything from lilies to roses. Huge flowers can be cheaper flowers such as carnations. They’re beautiful in their own right, but they won’t completely steal the show. So you may want to look for the cheapest flowers in terms of fillers. Baby’s breath is a common option, but there are many available depending on what your florist has in stock at the time. If for some reason they don’t have baby’s breath in stock, your florist will definitely have something similar.

Fresh foliage

The Christmas displays are always wonderful with lots of greenery. While most fresh flower arrangements are all about colour and foliage should be kept to a minimum, Christmas flowers look much better with a dominant olive green theme. You can use one or more types of foliage. By using more than one, you will create variations in texture. If you have a basket with a handle, you can decorate it with lush green ivy or even tinsel if you prefer.

Keep in mind that the natural design of your fresh flower basket also looks great. There is no need to overdo the decorations. Just a touch of ivy here and a little tinsel there with the occasional red velvet ribbon will work perfectly. You want everyone’s attention to be on the flowers and not the container. Be sure to place a solid plastic base inside the basket to catch excess water from the floral foam. Floral foam is a particularly effective way to keep flowers in place, and if it’s a gift, the recipient can reuse the basket once the flowers have died.