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Silk blooms – all the pros and cons

When shopping for flowers, you will most likely come across dozens of fresh bouquets. They are beautiful and perfect down to the very last petal. Of course, fresh flowers do not last as long as silk blooms. There are several differences between silk and fresh bouquets. If you are planning on arranging your own silk […]

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Silk flowers and what you need to know

When we think about artificial flowers, we often think about blooms that look plastic and fake. This is because there was a time when cheap artificial blooms almost completely ruined the reputation of these pretty flowers. Silk flowers have a long history and, despite a momentary lack of quality, we have access to some of […]

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Silk flowers and how to find the best

Professional florists don’t only create amazing displays with fresh blooms. Silk flowers have become increasingly popular because they offer so many benefits. Years ago, silk blooms had a bit of a bad reputation. Fortunately, things have changed and we can now enjoy some of the most spectacular artificial bouquets. Why choose silk blooms? When working […]

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Silk flower arranging advice

Creating a silk flower arrangement is quite different from a fresh flower bouquet. You will need to take extra special care at first but it is certainly worth the effort. Once you have created your beautiful bouquet, all you need to do to maintain it is some occasional dusting. Dusting on a regular basis will […]

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Artificial plant cleaning methods

Silk flowers and plants are an excellent addition to homes and work spaces alike. They can brighten up any room without requiring significant care or replacement. Maintaining your artificial plant is easy if you set aside some time now and then to give them a good clean. There are three main methods from which you […]

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Vitamin C for flowers?

We all love to send flowers, and receive them, no matter what the occasion or time of year.  Whether a perfectly arranged bouquet of florist fresh flowers or blooms from your own garden, they always have a way of brightening up any room.  The one disadvantage of fresh flowers is that they will perish at […]

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How To Keep Your Summer Flower Bouquet Fresh

The summer months can take their toll on everyone.  The heat often leaves us feeling lazy and tired during the day.  Just imagine how your fresh cut flowers must feel.  Removed from their natural environment where they once thrived, and now placed in some container of water.  It’s no wonder they tend to perish all […]

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Decorate Christmas gifts with flowers

Decorating your Christmas tree usually involves a fair bit of time and effort. Since your Christmas decorations are usually quite intricate, you wouldn’t want your Christmas gifts to look plain by comparison. All the more reason to brush up on those gift wrapping skills and figure out how to spruce it up. Fresh, dried, and […]

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