New baby flowers and gifts for winter

Welcoming a new baby in the middle of winter is bound to make the coldest days feel so much warmer. If one of your friends or family members has recently welcomed a little girl or boy into the world, it’s time to shop for new baby flowers and gifts. Here are some excellent ideas to make this occasion even more memorable.

Fresh flowers for a girl

If you want new baby flowers to welcome a little girl, pink is usually the top choice. Some examples of flowers available in different shades of pink include roses, germinis, lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations and tulips. You could choose a strictly pink bouquet or you could combine pink flowers with purple, white or even green blooms.

Celebrate a baby boy

Just like pink is associated with girls, so too is blue associated with boys. Blue flowers are not necessarily easy to find. If you like, you could send a blue potted orchid plant. Alternatively, you can opt for new baby flowers that include white blooms and blue or nearly blue flowers. Even if they have a slight purple hue, they will still be perfect for a new baby boy.

Something neutral

If you want new baby flowers that are more neutral, you could send a mixed bouquet that includes a wide variety of colours. Bright colours like yellow and orange are excellent for expressing joy and congratulations. Unicorn-themed bouquets are also a lovely gesture and pastels are perfect for a new baby celebration.

Practical and thoughtful gifts

Apart from new baby flowers, there are also a number of excellent gifts that will be perfect for winter. New baby gift baskets that include baby clothing, blankets, hats, booties and other essentials are excellent no matter the time of year. They are even more welcome when baby is born in winter because extra clothes mean mum does not have to worry about laundry drying in time.

Not only will these new baby flowers and gifts make the new parents very happy, but it will let them know that you are there to support them. Even moral support is needed and very much appreciated during this time. The new parents might be overwhelmed and they will certainly feel tired much of the time. Which is why you should take your gift to a whole new level by offering help with whatever they may need.