Send flowers just because

We send flowers to our friends and loved ones throughout the year and we often associate flower deliveries to various special occasions. That said, it’s also good to remember that you need not wait for these occasions just to order flowers. Floral gifts can be sent whenever you feel like spoiling somebody special.


With Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day in the rear view mirror for this year, many people tend to focus on their responsibilities and getting through the year. It’s a refreshing change to stop for a moment and consider the simple pleasures that keep life interesting and fun.


When you send flowers without any particular reason, they will come across as the best surprise yet! Your partner might say that they don’t expect a birthday or Valentine’s Day gift but they secretly anticipate something from you just as they prepare a gift in return. A flower delivery that arrives when you least expect it is the greatest surprise of all. Not only do they make your loved one feel special but, unlike various occasions throughout the year, this is your chance to spoil them without making them feel like the owe you something in return!


Some might say that sending a bouquet of flowers for no particular reason is a kind of admission of guilt. It can often be perceived as a kind of apology. Now, even if your relationship is going really well, many of us avoid spontaneous flower orders for this reason alone. The good news is that you can dispel any feelings of mistrust by ordering flowers several times a year. Don’t set any schedule but rather keep it random. The more you pamper your partner with flowers for no particular reason, the more they will learn to appreciate them as a sign of your love rather than a not-so-subtle apology!


So, if you send flowers throughout the year, how can you send extra special flowers for specific occasions? That’s easy! All you need to do is ask your florist about optional extras like a box of chocolates or a stuffed animal to add to your Valentine’s Day flowers. You can also add a bottle of bubbly to a Mother’s Day bouquet or even a birthday balloon and cake to that bunch of birthday flowers. It’s also the type of flowers you choose that will help define the occasion and make it that much more special. For example, red roses are the most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day while pink bouquets that include carnations are often chosen for Mother’s Day. By keeping these tips in mind, you will ensure that each of your flower deliveries are well received no matter the occasion!