Poinsettia plant facts you never knew

Poinsettias are popular around the world and are often used as part of Christmas decorations. Here are some of the most interesting facts about the beloved poinsettia plant.


Are they poisonous?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that the poinsettia plant is not poisonous to pets and children. This is not true and this myth is largely due to the fact that the plant releases a milky sap when cut. This sap can irritate the skin. Even if you don’t want to eat the plant, it’s important to note that accidental ingestion isn’t particularly dangerous since the plant isn’t actually toxic.


National Poinsettia Day

In the United States, National Poinsettia Day is celebrated on December 12. It has been celebrated since the mid-19th century and this plant certainly deserves to be celebrated. Its beauty is unmatched and the red variety is particularly appreciated.


Christmas celebrations

Although many people know that poinsettias are associated with Christmas, most don’t know why. There are several legends linked to this plant, but the most popular is that it is native to Mexico. According to this legend, a young woman wanted to give Jesus a gift but had no money. An angel told him to gather some weeds and these weeds miraculously turned into the poinsettia plant.


A festive gift

Many people choose to purchase at least one poinsettia plant because they make great Christmas decorations. They also make wonderful, thoughtful gifts. Just like Christmas flowers, these plants will help brighten up the recipient’s home. Plus, they will last much longer than a bouquet of cut flowers.


If you choose to send a poinsettia plant this Christmas, remember to ask your florist about any optional extras such as a bottle of champagne, luxury chocolates, etc.