Online florist reputation and research tips

When buying anything online, it can make people wonder whether or not they are choosing the right vendor. Flowers are no exception and it is essential that you use the right online florist. Of course, how can you really know if the florist you choose is the right one? Research is key and here are some places you should to to find out more before you place your order.

Run a search online

An online search is the first thing you want to do. Simply type in the name of the online florist in your search engine and see what comes up. Their company website should be one of the first results. Next, you should see other results relating to the company name. The first page is where you will most likely find majority of the information you need. You can continue to the second page of search results if you like.

Check out online reviews

This goes hand in hand with your initial online search. Check out as many online review websites as you can when looking into the reputation of an online florist. Visit sites like Yelp and type in the company name. Remember, most people will take the time to write a negative review if they are unhappy but not as many will take the time to write about their experience if they are satisfied. It’s also important to check for responses from the florist in relation to any complaints.

Search for forums

Forums are a great place for people to blow off steam and ask questions. You may find them helpful when researching an online florist too. When running a search online, look up forums relating to the name of the florist to see what others have to say. If you see a negative post, read further to find out what sort of responses their negative question or comment received.

Scan social media

These days, social media is a lot like a search engine if you want to find out more about a person or business. Log in on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. Search the company name to find their company page. Now read the comments on their posts to find out how customers feel about their products and service.

Customer testimonials

The online florist will also post testimonials on their website. For obvious reasons, they will only post positive feedback because, let’s face it, who would post a negative review on their own website? It still provides you with some important insight into the quality of the florist.

Satisfaction guarantee

Last, but not least, make sure that the online florist is prepared to stand by their products. They should have a satisfaction guarantee in place to ensure that customers are able to receive some form of compensation in the event that their flowers or other products arrive in a deteriorated state or not as ordered.

Remember, no online florist is perfect. Just like any other business, customers are bound to post negative responses. It is how these negative reviews are handled that is most important. It is also important to take note of any patterns. For instance, if there are dozens of complaints regarding freshness, you should see this as a red flag.