Olympic Flower Rings appear in Bath Field

Giant Olympic flower rings have begun to appear in a field in Bath in Somerset. Gerald Addicott, from Corston Fields Farm near Bath, planted the giant rings seeds in a field back March “just for fun”.

Now the rings have begun to flower and each ring has now reached 55 metres in diameter and the logo is a massive 196 metres wide.

Mr Addicott was available for interview and said, “It’s amazing what you can do with five sticks and a bit of string.”

The rings can be seen when driving down the A39 between Corston and Marksbury, the white flowers are well ahead of the blue in terms of blooming and the flower rings are easily visible.

Mr Addicott added, “It’s changing by the minute and when the white linseed runs out of steam, then it will be green rings on a blue background. But linseed flowers are illusive, they bloom for a few hours each day and for a few weeks in June. Exactly when the crop blooms during the day and how long that display will last can’t be predicted”.

Mr Addicott was born in 1948, which is the year the last time the Olympics were held in London and celebrates his birthday on the same day as the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics.

Mr Addicott finished his interview by saying, “This year, they open on my birthday and I thought it would be quite a nice idea to make something on the farm that we all would remember. And if somebody drives past and looks up and sees these rings and smiles then it’s job done I think”.