This year’s popular spring wedding flowers

When planning your wedding, you want everything to be beautiful and perfect. This is one of the most important and memorable days of your life which is all the more reason to take your time when making plans. Flowers are an essential part of wedding d├ęcor and each season brings a new selection of popular choices.

One of the most popular spring wedding flowers are peonies. These flowers are admired for their shape, size, and lovely colours. They are the picture of femininity and they are always an impressive sight. Peonies are associated with a happy marriage which is one reason why they have continue to be popular year after year.

Calla lilies are also popular in centrepieces and handheld bouquets. They are available in various colours and sizes. For example, you could use the regular size for your bouquet and the smaller versions for buttonholes. This will ensure that the floral theme is as evident as can be.

Hydrangeas are popular for a number of reasons. While they might cost a fair bit for each stem, it’s important to note that you will not need a lot of them to create an impressive display. These flowers are in fact made up of dozens of small flowers clustered together on a single stem. They are available in various colours and they add a kind of soft beauty and elegance to the table.

While these three flowers are extremely popular during this time of year, it’s also good to note that florist staples like roses, carnations and various other popular flowers that may not be in season are still available thanks to special cultivation and importing. So, you can still mix it up a bit with seasonal favourites and classic beauties if you like!