Baby’s breath uses you never knew

Gypsophila is more commonly known as baby’s breath and they are one of the most popular blooms you will find at any florist. These tiny blooms can be used in a number of different amazing ways to create and transform various types of bouquets.

Filler flowers

One of the most common uses for baby’s breath is as a filler flower. These stems can be split up very easily and added to fill in any gaps in your bouquet. They are especially lovely when paired with blooms like red roses or carnations.

Handheld posies

Handheld bouquets for weddings and other events can always use tiny flowers as fillers. No matter the colour of the bouquet, you can be sure that white baby’s breath will enhance the design. Even when paired with other white flowers, they will give the posy a fuller appearance.

Hair accessories

Flowers are not just for vases. You can use blooms like baby’s breath as hair accessories. These blooms are tiny but their stems are stronger than you think. They can be inserted into the hair and, if necessary, clips can be used to hold them in place.

Strictly baby’s breath

While these small blooms are often used as fillers, they can also be used all on their own to create a beautiful bouquet. You will need a lot of stems in order to create a full arrangement. Arrange them in a vase with a wide rim so that they can rest in all directions.

Baby’s breath, like any other blooms, require the same care as any other cut flower. They need fresh water, the stems should be trimmed every few days and you should keep them out of the sun and wind. If you like, you can even make dried bouquets using these flowers. They might seem delicate but they hold up really well as dried blooms.