Flower uses once they are past their prime

There is nothing better than receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers. Especially if you are not celebrating your birthday or any other special occasion. Unfortunately, however, all fresh flowers will perish eventually. Before yours are beyond the point of no return, make sure that you have a plan for these precious petals. Here are some excellent flower uses for wilted or wilting blooms. You need never let a single stem go to waste again!

Flower petals

One of the most common flower uses involves the harvesting of the petals. You need to do so before they start to dry out. Even if the flower is wilted, as long as it’s not dry, you can still plick the petals. Once you have picked them off the stem, you can dry them out and use them to make some sweet-smelling potpourri. Add your favourite essential oils and your home will be filled with a lovely scent.

Dried bouquet

Another great option to consider is to allow your flowers to dry out so that you can create a dried bouquet. Of course, this requires some planning in advance. You don’t want the blooms to wilt or their petals to start to fall. So, as soon as they are fully opened, wait a couple of days before removing them from the vase. Hang them upside down in a safe spot where they won’t be affected by the wind or direct sunlight. Once dry, you can display them in a vase or even create a beautiful boxed frame display.

Pressed flowers

Another great idea is to press your flowers. Some flowers can be pressed as they are while others require the petals to be removed and then pressed. Roses, for instance, are more difficult to press because they are thicker. You may want to remove a few petals before pressing or simply press the petals instead of the flower itself. You can use pressed flowers in a wide variety of arts and crafts. This is one of the handiest of all flower uses!

Floral recipes

If you are looking for flower uses that involve food, you are in luck! You can use sweet-smelling roses to make rose petal jam, for example. You need to remove the petals before they start to wilt and make sure that you use the right type of roses, of course. Make sure that you always wash your flowers thoroughly before including them in any food. Some flowers are not suitable for consumption so do your research first.


If your flowers have wilted and you have no other use for them, there is still hope. One of the best flower uses of all is to add them to your compost heap! There is nothing better for your garden than natural compost and you will be adding essential nutrients to the soil.

With so many great flower uses, there is no need to ever let a single bloom go to waste. Make sure that you plan ahead and know which flowers will suit which use best. Not all flowers can be dried and not all blooms can be pressed so do plenty of research to avoid disappointment.